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They recommend that the commission pass regulations—such as maximum income and academic standards—to ensure that student athletes’ academic success remains a priority over their athletic success. Administrators, teachers, counselors and significant members of a student athlete's life tend to accommodate the child by allowing academic cheating in an effort to ensure academic eligibility or to guarantee college admission. This is a problem, because it can create a care-free attitude that misleads the athlete into thinking that type of safety net will always be there.

We can see that for all listed inputs and across all countries, the share of studies that have found a positive effect is small – in fact, the majority of studies find either no effect, or a negative effect. This clearly does not mean that these classroom resources are not important, but rather that it is very difficult to know with confidence when and where they are a binding constraint to improve learning outcomes. A first conclusion, therefore, seems to be that context and input mix are fundamental to improving outcomes – even in developing countries where the expected returns to additional resources is large across the board. Under international law, states have the obligation to use the maximum of their available resources to realise the right to education. Even when a state’s resources are very limited, it is obliged to prioritise certain immediate obligations, such as the introduction of free primary education and to guarantee education for all without discrimination. It is also obliged to provide progressively free secondary and higher education and to continuously improve the quality of education.

Student athletes are likely to come into contact with important and influential alumni who can help them during their college years and - most importantly- after college. Student-athletes’ schedules can be among the most hectic of any college student. From keeping up with assignments and attending class to team practice and games, there is more on a student-athlete’s plate than others realize.


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